Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Delicious Mess

Welcome to the world of Delicious, an interactive social bookmarking network of information.  This community driven by discovery seems so interesting and is really taking advantage of the new social technologies made possible by the internet.
However I'm actually still stuck on the exclusively local bookmark bar at the top of my browser.  Delicious is a new concept to me and I feel pretty outdated now that I know about these bookmarking networks.  It's an innovative concept that has actually been around since 2003.  However, this site hasn't really become a phenomenon.  In 2008, Facebook had 100 million users, whereas Delicious only had 5.3 million (today Facebook has 600 million users).  Today it sits on thin ice, as Yahoo! wants to sell the website.  When the rumor that Delicious would be shutting down spread last December, people panicked.

I really wish that Delicious caught on with my peers, but I believe Facebook must have made the concept of a social bookmarking seem irrelevant.  I'd love to share all my favorite sites with my friends and a simple post on Facebook won't do much to spread that site.  Most people are still stuck on their local bookmarking folders like me.  Facebook is much more mainstream than Delicious and has a monopoly on the social media industry.

Sites like Delicious open up whole new concepts to bookmarking, its not simply saving websites.  Ideas are given the freedom to spread throughout the world.  These sites connect people across the world and promote ideas, stories, and other websites that will make the world a better place.

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