Sunday, February 27, 2011

Supporting the Audience

Discussion on Groundswell Chapters 4-6:
Listening, talking, energizing, supporting, embracing; all are strategies that are listed to benefit companies.  According to Groundswell, customer service will benefit the big companies more than the customers themselves.  Social media is only making life better for consumers.  It forces big companies to get their act together and put the customers as their priority.  Social media has given the consumers a voice.  The technological revolution has given average people the voice to speak for themselves.  Companies can help support themselves by helping support their audience.

Social Media helps show what people don't like, what people want to buy, and what people look for in products.  It shows what people are interested.  Youtube views with millions of views show what people really want to see and show other people.  It will help show how much a person will pay for a certain product.  Feedback from social media has become a crucial part of our economy.  It was interesting to read about the "Will It Blend" videos causing such a stir in the marketing community when they first became popular.  The feminine health site was interesting as well.

Creating communities are important for business and can really support a product or company.  You want the product to look good, you want to company to look good, and you want the customers to look good for using that product.  It all comes around in a giant cycle.  It forces companies to really get to know their audience, who they are selling to, what they want, and how they want it.

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  1. I agree, social media can now even ensure or discourage people to buy products. I know whenever I plan on buying something (especially if its rather expensive) that I do my research and read loads of customer reviews. With the economy, I feel like the product and company are fighting for my attention, but if they want it, they better have some very good reviews about them!