Monday, March 7, 2011


Charlie Sheen joined Twitter and started tweeting on March 1st.  24 hours later, he had 1 million followers.  As of March 6th, he has 2,029,438 followers.  On the 5th, more than 100,000 viewers tuned in for his Ustream Broadcast.

He showed off his new tattoo that says "Winning," one of the few memes he has created this past week.  along with 'Tiger's Blood,' which has also been spread virally.  Charlie Sheen has pretty much mastered social media in the past few days.

So what did Sheen do right?  He stated that if the reception to his stream is positive, he will continue to stream broadcasts.  Here we have Sheen offering to listen to his audience.  I looked on his Twitter to investigate.  He only has 57 tweets so far, but many of them have been promoting his live stream.  He has been retweeting posts from other celebrities addressing him such as Paris Hilton and Conan O'Brian. He has been using the hash tags efficiently in every post.  During the livestream, he asked users to Tweet in their thoughts (see part 4).  He's made himself accessible to the public in terms in terms of first hand information.  He even addressed #FF (follow friday), by retweeting his 1 millionth follower.

Sheen has really been in touch with the community.  It's really hard to not follow him when he is inviting you to listen to him.  In terms of social media, he's doing everything right.

Oh, except for the fact that he's absolutely lost his mind.

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