Monday, March 28, 2011

The Social Media University

In chapters 3 through 6 of Engage, Brian Solis discusses the many different outlets of social media.  It represents "a social renaissance" that has created a society of the internet.  He states that "Social media is a tool that uses the internet to facilitate conversations."  Basically, social media creates and supports communities online.  It brings millions of people from all across the world and introduces them to new information, new media, and new people.  Blogs are about having your own voice and letting everyone read about your thoughts, views, opinions, ect.  It's also a powerful tool for businesses.  The Southwest Airlines blog promotes their enthusiasm for playfulness.  It is there to build a community for the fliers and employees.  Podcasts are like personal lectures that anyone can post online for an audience.  Wiki's will let anyone update information to an information page.  The internet is incredible because it is so accessible to so many people.  Media such as videos, favorited pages, photos, calendars, events, video broadcasts all expand people's experiences on the internet community.  Forums allow people to discuss on a more complex and intimate level.  On forums you get to know people, and they are literally little communities.  The internet is amazing because it allows people to listen to other viewpoints, absorb the information they wish, and gives everyone a voice in a strong community.  Social media allows us to grow in certain ways that would never be possible if it weren't for the internet.

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