Sunday, April 3, 2011

The technology of the 3DS

Nintendo released the 3DS last month, which introduced 3D without the need for glasses to new audiences all across the world.  The handheld launched at $250, has two separate cameras in the back, and can take pictures that measure depth.

A big gripe about 3D technology was that everyone hated the glasses.  Glasses for 3D movies are inconvenient, uncomfortable (especially if people are already wearing glasses), and gimmicky.  The screen's level of visual depth can be tuned up and down, or even turned off.  Nintendo has introduced the technology and created a demand for it.  Other companies will be following suit.  You can expect to see this 3D technology in phones, computers, and other handhelds.  Netflix will soon be able to be viewed on the device in 3D.  The camera is my favorite aspect of the device.  Soon, people will be able to express themselves with 3D media.  Right now, its not very accessible because you would have to own a 3DS, but I can see this new media becoming very popular and widespread in the near future.  Imagine if our 3D enabled computers would allow for 3D Facebook upload and image sharing.  This new media is very exciting.


  1. I think the 3DS is really interesting technology. The concept of not having to wear glasses for 3D is really very convenient. I wear glasses and I always have to remember to not be lazy and wear my glasses (as compared to contacts) when I go see a 3D movie. It would be amazing if this technology could be transferred to movie theaters.

    Did you hear the buzz about young children and not using the 3D aspect becuase of unknown effects on their vision? I thought that was interesting too.

  2. Yes! I am so glad someone wrote about this. I had been wondering more about the Nintedo 3DS, but haven't had the time to research it. I agree on 3D glasses being a hassle. I wear glasses and having to wear two pair, or be half blind while watching a movie, just doesn't end well for me. I think that's cool how you brought up 3D is crazy. Good post!

  3. I did hear about the 3D effect being unhealthy for children, time will tell.
    And yes, if the 3DS sells well, 3D phones will be here in the next few years.