Thursday, April 14, 2011

Skittles: Interactive Marketing on the Internet

Skittles has launched a new advertising campaign exclusive to youtube that requires you to put your finger on the screen.  It's a new interactive marketing ploy that engages the viewer and makes them feel like they are influencing a scene.  Try out the one below.

It's cute, funny, entertaining, and creepy all at the same time.  There are 5 other "interactive" videos that all require putting your finger on the screen.  This cat video already has almost 3 million views in a little over 2 weeks.  If they can keep this up, Skittles will have a great word out for their product due to their attractive marketing division.

This makes me think. Will other companies jump onto the "interactive" bandwagon?  It's exciting, fun, and very efficient at getting people's attention.  I discovered this video through word of mouth on the internet and reposted it myself.  Interactive marketing is very appealing and I think we might see it more in the future after the success of skittles.

This is some of the most interesting advertising I've seen on the internet.  Ever since the introduction of ads before videos on Youtube, people have been very bitter about online advertising.  Most comments on Youtube were claiming Youtube wasn't "you" anymore.  If ads became more entertaining then it would provide better experiences for  users and companies alike.

The video has over 14,000 likes, and less than 600 dislikes; a great ratio of positive feedback.  All the comments crack jokes and mention how funny the video is.  I found this while browsing through the comments, which sums up my post very well.


  1. I saw this video on Monday through word of mouth as well. And I must agree with you, I am more apt and willing to sit through advertising like this because it involves yours truly. Anytime I see a YouTube ad these days I immediately mute my laptop and ignore whatever is occurring on my screen. However, Skittles new interactive ad is a bit too intriguing to ignore. I too wonder who will follow in suit after Skittles and transform their advertising attempts. This type of ad just comes to show us that the same "tricks of the trade" will never remain the same.

  2. I'm definitely with you that it is "cute, funny, entertaining, and creepy all at the same time". I'm a big Skittles fan which attracted me to your post (sugar addict) and I think this new advertising campaign of their's is fun, as fun as advertising gets anyway.

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