Monday, April 4, 2011

Engage Chapters 7-12

Brian Solis goes into some things I wasn't previously familiar with in Chapters 7-12 of Engaged.  I'm very familiar with social networks such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.  Ning, one example of a purpose-driven network, looked very intriguing if used for businesses and social groups.  It lets you create your own personalized social network.  Whenever I think of social networks, I immediately think Facebook, but I shouldn't be so narrow minded.  Facebook is the most casual because it's free (I looked up Ning and found there was a subscription cost) and very assessable as well.
Chapter 8 goes into the business aspect of online communities.  The internet is very useful for customer service, marketing, convenience to the consumers, and schedule planning among other things.  Twitter, blogs, professional domains, and micro-communities within Facebook and all positive for business.  The internet has made many advancements in the business world.  The technology is here and big organizations are learning to take advantage of it.
There are tags discussed in Chapter 10, which are the labels for thing posted on the web, making them easier to categorize.  The internet is all about connecting with other topics, pages, links, videos, and making it very convenient for the user.

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