Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Interests me?

So yes, I love video games.  A lot of the blogs I check are related to video games.  The Super Meat Boy blog is interesting because new information about the game is posted there.  Team Meat, the independent team that created the game, consists of merely two developers; an artist and a programmer.  It is the quickest way to receive information about the game’s updates and they post on the blog about once a week, which is a good amount of posts.  Their twitter is very active as well and gets updated at least once a day.  It receives around 50 – 150 comments per post.  To support the level creator for the game they are about to release, they just created a forum for the community to discuss the game.  They posted about the forum on their blog and twitter, encouraging people to join.  600 people joined in a week (Yes, I was one of those people).

Bungie is a famous game developer and they blog once a week with their “Bungie weekly update” every Friday on their blog.  When a game is being hyped up for release, these updates hold lots of information and there can be around 500 comments or more.  There is a huge community that follows Bungie.  The thing about Bungie is that they listen to the requests of their fans/customers and they announce all the changes made in the blog as well.

My good friend has a blog that only a few people follow.  It’s interesting to read about what my friend has to say about life.  He posts once every 2 weeks.  There are never any comments but sometimes people vote in funny little polls he posts.  There are probably 10 people who read this blog, so it’s a much different concept than Bungie’s blog, which is read by thousands.


  1. You should post a link to your friend's blog on your blog/twitter/facebook and for fun see how much traffic you generate for him. I did that with YouTube video my friend made and it bumped up the views to the thousands. I also follow another blog that generated a substantial audience this way and the blogger just got a book deal! Social media is funny like that!

  2. Haha, good idea, but its a personal blog so I don't want to go spreading around his journal. I actually did a youtube video for school on Tookie Williams of the Crips from California and it has 50,000 views.