Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Personal Learning Plan

My goal is to see how social media can be used to help the environment.  I want to see if social media can be used to help save the world.  I plan to research what organizations are trying to counter-act global warming and climate change.  I want to see if they are using social media to help support their campaigns.  If yes, are they using it to the fullest extent?  What applications of social media can be used to spread the awareness of the environmental crisis at hand?  

Plan of study:
I will look back at history.  Before social media existed,  how were world wide crises dealt with?  What has been done in recent years with the rise of the internet revolution that has changed the world's outlook on a certain viewpoint.  I want to see how this can be applied to the situation at hand and find out if the internet can be used to spread a message that will help the world change it's ways.  I will try and vaguely predict the future by seeing how effective certain techniques can be.

Deliverables (describe what you will do to demonstrate your mastery of the material): 
Create a video to post on youtube which is one of the most accessible and powerful ways for an average person to spread a message, along with updates on my blog and a personal learning plan itself.

April 13th

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